Vibration diagnostics equipment


Vibration of machines and mechanisms is an actual problem for many branches of industry, at the enterprises where turbines, generators, electric motors, compressors, pumps, ventilators and other rotor machines operate.

As rotor unbalance is one of the main reasons of increased vibration the qualitative balancing of rotors at the stage of manufacturing, repair and operation has a significant value for providing of vibration reliability.

Our opportunities:

1. We can organize the visit of our specialists to the site of the Customer and prepare the plan of inspection of the equipment in-situ.

2. We can perform the measuring and analysis of the vibration of turbo-units and electromechanical equipment in operation conditions to determine and diagnose its increased vibration activity.

3. We can determine the following defects: wear of bearings, small tension; low stiffness of the system “unit-foundation”; operation of unit in resonance zone; break of anchors; cracks and breaks in frame; peeling of foundation; shaft misalignment; defects of connecting couplings, etc.

4. Vibration-based diagnostics and certering of equipment are performed using the modern apparatus.