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Uralenergomash Services Modernization of the equipment

Modernization of the equipment

Uralenergomash renders the services of modernization of power generating equipment (compressors, turbines, pumps, heat exchange apparatus).

Specialists of the company have the experience of realization of the most advanced solutions and technological innovations in the market of power generating equipment. They can find the best way to improve the performance of your work and decrease the costs, they will find the optimal variant of optimization of production processes taking into account the specific character of your activity.

Main directions of modernization of industrial equipment are:

1. Increase of efficiency of machine due to the increase of power of drives and rotation frequency, number of stokes and delivery capacity of operating parts. For this the replacement of motor and change of kinematics of separate mechanisms of the machine, and also due to the mechanization and automation of such processes and removal of part, change of rates and deliveries, idling, measuring of sizes and surface roughness of part are performed.

2. Increase of accuracy, extension of technological possibilities and change of technological application of equipment.

3. Increase of durability and reliability of equipment due to the increase of wear resistance of critical parts, improvement of lubrication conditions, installation of protection devices, reinforcement of weak links (replacement of material, thermal processing, change of sizes and forms of parts).

Technical inspection

Uralenergomash renders the services of complex technical inspection of power generating equipment (compressors, turbines, pumps, heat exchange equipment).

Technical inspection can include:

  • Technical diagnostics.
  • Expert examination of industrial safety of equipment that exhausted its performance potential with determination of the terms of additional operation and issuing the recommendations of its repair.
  • Inspection of operating equipment with determination of residual operation life and issuing of recommendation of its repair.