Installation of equipment

Uralenergomash renders the services of assembly of power generating equipment. The whole complex of assembly works consists of four stages:

First stage — organization and preparation of assembly works. At this stage before the execution of works the following measures shall be performed at the object:

  • There was received detailed design documentation of the execution of assembly works of power generating equipment;
  • The following documents were approved: schedule of delivery of equipment, items and materials taking into account the process consequence of execution of works, list of equipment assembled using the assembly supervision personnel of the enterprise supplying the equipment; conditions of the transportation to the place of assembly of heavy and large scale equipment;
  • There were accepted necessary rooms for the accommodation of teams of workers, engineers and technical specialists, production base and also for the storing of materials and tools providing the measures of labour safety, fire safety and environmental protection;
  • The project of execution of works was developed, the engineers and technical specialists and foremen were introduced to the detailed design documentation and estimates, organizational and technical solutions of the project of execution of works;
  • The acceptance was performed according to the act for the assembly of power generating devices and the measures provided by the norms and rules of labour safety, fire safety and environment protection were performed when execution of works.

Second stage — execution of assembly woks.

Third stage — execution of commissioning. Commissioning is a complex of works including the inspections, adjustment and test of power generating equipment to provide the required parameters and modes set by the project.

Work of commissioning organization is considered to be fulfilled provided the signing of acceptance certificate of commissioning.

Final stage of complex of assembly works of power generating equipment consists of tests and putting of equipment into operation.