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Модернизация турбоагрегата компримирования пирогаза М-1

Specialists of Uralenergomash performed the works for JSC “Gazprom”. The works included the modernization of turbo-unit of gas compression M-1, manufactured by CKD Energo (ČKD — Českomoravská Kolben-Daněk), Czech Republic, that included the demounting of existing equipment (ЭП-300), assembly of new equipment of increased performance (ЭП-380). The works performed at the enterprise allowed to increase the capacity of ethylene-propylene production from 300 000 to 380 000 tons per year.


Модернизация компрессорного цеха и замена АСУ

By order of OJSC MMK at one of its subsidiary the specialists of our company performed a complex of complicated measures of modernization of compressor workshop that included the execution of the following works : development of modernization project, selection and delivery of new equipment (three compressors К-250-61-5 manufactured by JSC Dalenergomash, dismounting of existing equipment (three units VRZ 200/430 manufactured in GDR, Dessau), construction works of reconstruction of foundation attracting subcontractors, assembly of three compressors К-250-61-5 and new networks (oil pipes, air ducts, water pipes). As a result of execution of works the air capacity in compressor workshop was increased from 480 m3/min to 750 m3/min, and that allowed to decrease the cost of m3 of air.

Other large work for OJSC MMK performed by our specialists is the development and replacement of automatic control system of turbo compressor. New system functions on the base of modern principles of automatic control using the logic controllers. Components of domestic and foreign manufacturers (according to the demand of the customer) are used.


Монтаж нагнетателя Н750-23-6

Delivery and assembly of supercharger Н750-23-6 manufactured by JSC Dalenergomash instead of suercharger Н750-23-4 (JSC Dalenergomash, Khabarovsk). During the process the foundation was modernized for electric motor СТД-1250, and also the pipelines connections of unit (oil pipes, water pipes, air ducts)