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Uralenergomash Catalog Steam turbines catalog Steam turbine type Siemens SST-200

Steam turbine type Siemens SST-200

Steam turbine type SSТ-200 (Siemens)

SST-200 — assembled in one housing steam turbine that represents the unit installed on frame. Turbine SST-200 is developed to reach the high efficiency of drives of generators, and also the high reliability of drives of mechanical devices. It makes it convenient for operation.

There are available executions with condensation steam removal and backpressure, with branches and tapping points and without them, that is required for the drives of compressors, pumps and ventilators in chemical and petrochemical industry.

Fields of application:

  • Drives of generators and mechanical devices;
  • Plants manufacturing ethylene;
  • Plants manufacturing ammonia or fertilizers;
  • Plants manufacturing methanol.

Technical data


Up to 10 MW

Output steam pressure

Up to 110 bar / 1595 pound/square inch

Input temperature

520 °C / 968 °F

Steam removal

Up to 60 bar / 870 pound/square inch

Controlled steam bleeding


Up to 16 bar / 232 pound/square inch

Temperature of exhausted gases

Up to 350 °C / 562 °F

Area of exhaust of gases

0.22 m² / 2.4 square foot

Pressure of exhausted gases


Up to 16 bar / 232 pound/square inch


Up to 0,25 bar / 3.6 pound/square inch

Area of exhaust of gases

0.17–0.34 м² / 1.8–3.7 square foot

All data are given for reference only and can differ depending upon a particular project

Uralenergomash realizes the project of replacement of old turbine К4,3-4,0 of drive of compressor of natural gas for a new turbine type SST-200. To receive the necessary information please contact the specialists of Uralenergomash at telephone /351 210 00 42 or send the inquiry to email uralprom_74@mail.ru.