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Compressor K-500

Compressor К-500 is designed for compression of atmosphere air, used in various branches of industry in pneumatic equipment, pneumatic tools and technological processes. The capacity of compressor is 525 m³/min, final pressure is 9.0 Mpa. Power of electric motor is 3150 kW. Overall dimensions of installation are 12200×5000×5000 mm.

Compressor contains electric drive motor and multiplying gear. Lubrication system of installation is circular with free forced drain. Compressor installation is made of reliable materials due to which the item has a long service life and high wear resistance. Due to its characteristics turbo compressor K-500 is very popular in many branches of industry.

Uralenergomash renders services of installation of compressor of any modification. Compressor is delivered completed with all necessary additional equipment and technical documentation.