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Steam turbines type Siemens SST-600

SST-600 Steam turbines for efficient generation of thermal and electric energy.

Turbines type SST-600 provide maneuverable, reliable and efficient operation of power plants of regional power generators and in various technological and energetic industrial plants.

Turbines SST-600 are single cylinder steam turbines, power up to 100 MW, designed for operation with rate of rotation from 3 000 to 15000 rpm. They can be used for drive of electric generators and also for mechanical drive. Turbines SST-600 represent the combination of technical solutions based on many years of experience in the sphere of production of industrial steam turbines and they are used for:

  • Drive of compressors,
  • Drive of generators,
  • Drive of feeding pumps of powerful steam boilers.

In chemical and petrochemical industry, at pulp and paper mills, at metallurgical and mining enterprises, at thermal power stations, at desalination plants of sea water and waste incineration plants.

Technical data of turbine SST-600

  • Output power 100 MW
  • Rate of rotation of turbine from 3000 to 15000 rpm
  • Parameters of pressure of fresh steam up to 140 bar, temperature up to 540° C
  • Non-regulated extractions — up to 5 at different pressures
  • Regulated extraction (one or two) pressure up to 65 bar
  • Parameters of output steam up to 55 bar

(All data are for reference and depend upon the project.)